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The Importance of Vocation and Marriage…

I get a lot of questions about how to help young men know what their calling may be in life.  Of course I send them to the Book of Proverbs and for younger men I also suggest working their was through Prepare Thy Work which can be purchased at this link.

There are also good sermons that I have suggested over the years.  One is by Pastor Doug Wilson which you can listen to here:

There is also a two part sermon by Pastor Dennis Tuuri that you can listen to with these links…

Part one:

Part two:

In addition to vocation there are always the questions about marriage!  Here I always suggest a series of lectures given by Pastor Steve Wilkins some years ago at the Reformation Covenant Church family camp on the Oregon coast.  It is very thorough and challenging for young people and I also encourage young couples to listen through them together.  And yes, even I have listened to them several times and always learn something new!  I have used these lecture extensively in my pre-marital counseling down through the years.

Sunday Message:  The Mystery of Marriage

First Lecture: Marriage is not for you!

Second Lecture: Marriage is Dying!

Third Lecture: Do You Know Who Your Children Are?

Fourth Lecture: Ten Ways to Destroy Your Children!

Fifth Lecture: Singles in the Church

Sixth Lecture: Preparing Children for Marriage

Seventh Lecture:  Getting Serious About Getting Married

I trust any or all of this will be helpful for those interested in these subject and please feel free to share all of this far and wide!