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Understanding the Promises Made to Abraham

As most of you know I am doing a journey through the Book of Beginnings as my current sermon series.  As I have studied Genesis one of the blessings has been to more fully understand the promises made to Abraham and how they are fulfilled in history and ultimately in Jesus!  There are many discussions about these promises and how they are to be fulfilled and in several of my sermons I included a chart that shows what types of promises were  made to Abraham and how they are fulfilled.  You can access it at the link below and there you will also find a Chiastic Outline from David Dorsey that show the focus in Genesis on the Promise of a Son to Abraham who would come to save His people from their sins!

I hope these are helpful and feel free to leave any comments you might have.

God’s Promises to Abraham



Praising the Reformed Faith

Some years ago I put together an updated version of the classic TULIP that is used in reformed circles.  I changed the acronym to PRAISE which gives six points rather than five!  The “E” stands for evangelism since many modern Saints think that reformers who study John Calvin do not believe they need to share the Good News.  I also added some proof texts, which in some cases were entire chapters for further study because I really believe that the reformed faith is the solid teaching of the Scriptures.

Any way you should be able to access my work here at the the link below and perhaps one of these days I will get it up in a better format.  Any thoughts or comments would be welcomed.