Why did Noah take more clean animals on the Ark?


As I work my way through Genesis I come this week to chapter seven where we see among other things that God is going to bring more clean animals to Noah than the unclean one.  One pair of unclean, but seven of the clean animals.  Here is a piece published last year by our CREC pastor in Japan, Ralph Smith that can bring some additional insights into how these animals relate to our redemptive history AND why it is good to eat bacon!  Click here for the article.




Noah: The Movie

Well, I am preaching through Genesis and came right to chapter six as all the hype about Hollywood’s new “Bible” movie Noah came along so I guess I had to go and see it :(
I have wanted to comment on it, but thought better of it because it would take a while to do that properly and I think my time was better spent actually studying the text and preparing my sermons!
Now Dr. Brain Mattson has come along and said pretty much what I would liked to have said, including critiques of what many of the other commentators have said thus far! He has my heartfelt thanks for the work he put into this piece and he is spot on! His thoughts are here…